Unity Torah

Buy your own letter!

What is a unity torah? it's a torah scroll that is written by a trained scribe, called a Sofer. What makes it unique? Each letter is purchased (for a token amount) by a different person, making each person a partner in owning the scroll.

Once you buy your letter, you have fulfilled the mitzvah of having a torah scroll. You also become a partner with every other Jew who has purchased a letter. There is a special protection that comes from joining together with so many thousands of Jews to write a Torah.

see unityletter.com (english) sefertora.org.il (hebrew) to learn more and buy a letter.

There is a special Kids Torah, to unite Jewish children who are not yet bar or bat mitzvah. If you know a Jewish child who does not yet have a letter, visit Kids Torah to help them buy their own letter for $1. If they are too young, you can do it for them.