Purim 5779 with Chabad Air

What an amazing Purim we had. We assisted passengers and staff throughout Purim at JFK Airport with Megilah reading before boarding their flight, Purim parties and much more…

First Ever Menorah Inauguration And Lighting At 71st Pct.

The NYPD 71st precinct house, located on the corner of Empire Blvd and New York Ave, held a menorah lighting ceremony and dedication of their first ever public Menorah. The menorah, which was graciously donated by a community member, was placed outside the precinct house for all to see. The anonymous donation of the menorah was made in honor of Chana bas Avraham. The lighting … Continue reading First Ever Menorah Inauguration And Lighting At 71st Pct. »

Celebrate Chanukah @ JFK

Join us for a Chanukah celebration with Chabad of the Airport @ JFK! Doughnuts! Dreidels! Light the Menorah! Lots of Holiday Fun and Spirit! Terminal 4, End of Row 6 at Check-In Dec. 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19: 3pm-6pm, 8pm-11pm Dec. 16: 8-11pm We Want Moshiach NOW!

Historic Event at JFK Airport

On Monday, the third day of Chol HaMoed, a historic event took place at JFK airport. Until this year, there has never been an official Sukkah at an airport in the USA. This year, thanks to the continuous activities and relationships developed by Chabad at the airport, there is an official Sukkah at JFK airport.