Sukkah at JFK – We’re Back!

These are the dates and times we will have the Sukkah built at the Airport: 
Wed, Sep. 26: 6am to 11pm
Thurs, Sep. 27: 6am to 11 pm

Going for the second year, passengers at JFK Airport this Chol Hamoed will be able to take advantage of a Sukkah on the way to their flights. The Sukkah is a project of Chabad of the Airport, which has been dedicated to serving the needs of Jewish travelers at New York’s airports for more than 40 years.

The Sukkah will be located as last year at Terminal 4, on the East side of the Arrivals level. A Lulav and Esrog will also be available on the premises for those who need to make a Bracha. Please contact Chabad of the Airport for any questions at (347) 770-1749 or

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